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Case Studies

Big Bark Graphics install Morgana CardXtra plus  (Big Bark Graphics)

The brief

Scott Barker, owner of Big Bark Graphics in Bolton, Ontario, had a need to produce various types of cards at a high turnaround rate. Immediately Sydney Stone, Canadian distributors for Morgana Systems, suggested Morgana’s CardXtra Plus as the ideal solution.

The customer, Big Bark Graphics, employs a team that is committed to completing the job on time, accurately, and affordably. The team has 112 years of print industry experience combined with understanding of the travel, automotive, medical, and entertainment industries.

The solution

The product is fully equipped with programmable functions that memorize key templates and is capable of producing high-capacity output, processing some 140 cards per minute.

CardXtra Plus is the ideal small-footprint trimming and creasing unit for the busy print shop. Whilst fast and accurate business card production has been the mainstay of the CardXtra product for some seven years, this new and enhanced solution extends the products capabilities to a wider range of jobs, including postcards, greetings cards, calendars, double and multi-fold business cards, bookmarks, and even playing cards. The CardXtra Plus is capable of slitting, cutting and creasing, and can be pre-programmed with up to 20 jobs.

The result

“Quality, financing availability made easy, and the Morgana CardXtra Plus covered a big need for quick business cards, postcards and greeting cards.” Having various applications that require lots of creasing and cutting, the CardXtra Plus allowed him to switch from job-to-job quickly and efficiently. Sydney Stone sales representative Leslie Williamson stated: “Scott explained to me the importance of allowing his current staff structure to stay the same; however, allow them an easier avenue for cutting business cards and other promotional items at the touch of a button. The Morgana CardXtra Plus was the perfect solution for Big Bark Graphics.”

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