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Case Studies

Autocreaser - Taskforce  (Taskforce)

“We Immediately Saw the Benefits The AutoCreaser Offered”

Bill Robertson, Managing Director, TaskForce

As one of Scotland’s leading trade finishing houses, Edinburgh-based TaskForce provides a comprehensive range of services, but quickly appreciated that the Morgana AutoCreaser could add to the scope of its operation.

In common with most trade finishing houses. TaskForce had experienced cracking when folding covers, a problem that often resulted in work being sent out for creasing on a Heidelberg cylinder. This meant delays and very often resulted in customers paying a premium. The AutoCreaser quickly solved both problems. TaskForce use it for stocks between 135 and 350 gsm and find it ideal for volumes between 500 and 5000. It also produces a superior finish and can be wheeled to wherever it is required on the shop floor.

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