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A Major Victory in Folding Competition


At a recent product training seminar, Morgana dealers had the opportunity to witness a side by side production competition between the two market leading compact air feed folders being sold in the USA. The venerable Baum 714 and the Morgana Major. Both folders were as new and both were manned by operators with experience on the respective folders. Two Folders, Two experienced operators and four basic jobs which involved sheet size change, fold type change and one of these jobs involved a perforation. The objective was to see which machine produced 30 acceptable samples of each of the four jobs in the shortest period of time.

The result wasn’t even close as the Morgana Major operator was finished with all four jobs completed and was drinking a coffee before the experienced Baum operator was even able to start his third job.

The Major is an exceptional and unique, two plate, air feed semi automated folder that can handle a 14.3” x 25.5” sheet, making even 6 page 8.5” x 11” jobs a possibility.

In addition to being extremely quick and simple to set-up it has two very interesting features. The entire roller assembly can be easily removed in less than a minute making for quick work on any roller matters. The perf/score assembly can also be removed in less than a minute. Perfing and scoring can be set externally from the unit with the entire assembly then put back into the system, all in a matter of minutes. In terms of durability, The Major sports metal helical gears where the Baum is using straight cut nylon gears. No comparison there.

In fairness to the Baum 714 it must be noted that it is a totally manual machine without any of the automation found on the Major. That being said though, when comparably equipped, the two folders are nearly identical in price which we feel does in fact make it a fair competition.

In the market for a new smaller folder with perf and score capabilities?

Then the Morgana Major is for you!

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