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BPIF Finishers meet at Morgana Headquarters


At the BPIF Finishers meeting hosted by Morgana Systems Ltd on 6 November and led by Chairman Mike Chapman of Britannia Print Finishers Ltd, the group heard from Richard Gray, Chief Executive of Vision in Print of some practical examples of best practice to reduce material waste. In addition to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction the finishers discussed the benefits from greater involvement of all employees many "brimming with ideas waiting to be tapped".

BPIF Finishers

Studies have shown those employees who felt most threatened and reluctant to participate were "middle" managers who saw it as part of their role to "provide the solutions". Once reassured that solutions were the role all employees, they were able to focus their skills and lead their teams to greater results.

BPIF’s Commercial Solicitor, Nicola Langley took the group through the dangers of not having or not ensuring that their terms and conditions of sale applied to their business transactions. Finishers in particular were exposed to these risks including consequential losses because many their contracts with customers were verbal.

It was agreed that Nicola would work with the group to produce a finishers standard set of terms and conditions of sale.

The finishers decided to open membership of their group to include BPIF members offering other services provided the majority of their work was trade finishing and to investigate the use group funds for support of the uptake of other BPIF services.

For further information contact Luke Das-Gupta.

Morgana Systems Ltd, a BPIF finishers’ associate member, whose manufacture and spares are UK based, with 88% of their annual production of 3,000 machines destined for export, provided the group with a tour of their research & development, assembly plus demonstrations including the Business Card Cutter, Autocreaser, and Documaster which produces a new "square back" look.

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