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Print Team goes for No. 3

I have just come in to work to do a scoring job (week-end afternoon) and, after a minor adjustment advised to me by your service department, I was able to complete it in just a few minutes. 
Where is this leading to? 
Well in the quiet of this afternoon, unlike a busy working day, I am able to reflect on all of our Morgana purchases and the excellent quality of the equipment supplied, I therefore want to say thank you for the way it all helps us at Print Team to work in a more efficient manner and further note that when spares are necessary (like the recently purchased rubber tyres for the numberer), Morgana seemed only too happy to supply them at a price relative to their true market value unlike some finishing exorbitant equipment suppliers.  
The Print TeamWe now have three of your suction machines, the numberer/perforator, the folder and the recently purchased creaser which we have more or less purchased in 2 year intervals.  I am not sure what the future holds in terms of what piece of Morgana equipment is next although we are looking to buy a new press at the moment having recently engaged in the purchase of a chemistry free metal computer-to-plate maker and rip workflow.  
We truly value having a good friend in the print finishing business and any time you might need to demo a machine to a customer at our premises, then please feel at home to do so.

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